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[Autumn Reitaisai 2][Casket] 幻想パブ Best selection vol.2

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[Autumn Reitaisai 2][Casket] 幻想パブ Best selection vol.2

Bài gửi by sawsore on 8/4/2016, 7:34 pm

幻想パブ Best selection vol.2






04.Like the geese(Alternative ver.)

05.Ice fairy's frolics

06.Far and away

07.The unnecessary play for life

08.Gan focal

09.Lunatic reels

10.Boredomkilling of a portress

11.Return of the Spring

12.Pinky dance

13.Neath the blossom

14.Wrong entrance

15.Knowing never to be

16.The tiny bell the belle

17.She'd do

18.Drinking game

19.Giota beag thanks

20.Polka set

Japanese Title : 幻想パブ Best selection vol.2
Publisher : Casket
Official Website :
Release Date : 18/10/2015 (Autumn Reitaisai 2)
File Type : MP3
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