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Xin chào,người Việt Nam!

Sega Megami
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Re: Xin chào,người Việt Nam!

Bài gửi by Sega Megami on 31/12/2015, 10:09 pm


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Re: Xin chào,người Việt Nam!

Bài gửi by pakzhang on 31/12/2015, 11:02 pm

Lunasa Diệp đã viết:祝你有一年中国球迷真正的乐趣和成功与东方Project,祝您新年快乐!

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Akari no Kokoro
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Re: Xin chào,người Việt Nam!

Bài gửi by Akari no Kokoro on 17/10/2018, 8:39 am

Đăng ở trong đây để khỏi mất:

It's fine, I just want to keep you up-to-date which was something I promised back in 2015 but I couldn't find out a way to contact you directly, and university stuffs made me forget about it. There are a lot of changes in the Vietnamese Community from 2016 to now, and while it's still not as great as it used to be, it has other great leaps in many aspects. This information that I will give you might be biased as it is my experience in the community.

Right, here we go.

2016: The first half of this year was pretty much normal, nothing new, and it went as what you described in the article, but the second half of the same year marked the shutdown of Gensokyo VN Touhou Wiki and the foundation of the Vietnamese Touhou Wiki on This is one of the greatest addition in the community, as back in the days, almost every forum/group/fanclub/fanbase had their own wiki, with no set of standardised translation, some were well developed, some were ok, some were left abandoned. With the new Wiki on, though, it marked the start of a standardised translation, which is a great help considering the fact that there are translation for official printworks now. The second leap was the foundation of the Vietnamese Community translation portal on Touhou Patch Centre, now called Project: V.N.P.A.T.C.H.R. lead by Touhou Patch Center - Vietnamese Community. While official game translation was started by Touhou VN Fanbase, they haven't done anything except for a rough translation of Double Dealing Characters. The newly created portal has been aiming to finish what the predecessor couldn't, and yes, GensokyoVN was the one behind the creation of the Wiki and the Translation Portal. While nothing great was done in 2016, it was a good foundation for spreading the official materials to the Vietnamese Community as a whole.On the doujin side, Cảm Nhận Đông Phương (Touhou Kanjiru) was a great translation team for Touhou doujin music, with their YouTube channel 4.3k subscribers. There were also other translators such as Petalite Yuu, Tankihou (who is also an artist).

2017: This year was when the leap happened. In the Lunar New Year, the Vietnamese Translation Portal released 3 Vietnamese patches for Touhou 15, 14 and 10 in order of completion. While still not popular due to the difficulty in advertising and promoting the patches, it clearly showed that we now can play Touhou in our mother tongue, and the dream of a lot of the fans has been fulfilled. The Wiki, on the other hand, was getting bigger and bigger day by day, night by night, with detailed articles about the world of Touhou itself. The standardised translation was a great addition as it helped a lot in standardising translation of official Touhou printworks in the same year and in the future, such as Visionary Fairy in Shrine by Nhóm Dịch N2L (N2L translation team), Wild and Horned Hermit by a guy called Amazing and his team, and other translations such as ZUN's Music CD stories. At the end of the year, 10 official games were translated. On the doujin side, a new artist, Yuriniel, joined the community. On the community side, a Facebook group, now called Touhou Việt Nam - Illusory Eastern Side of Vietnam, was created and currently has almost 700 members. The group now is leaded by Yuriniel, who is the artist I mentioned above.

2018: This year is a bit of a setback as most of the active members including me are working on their graduation thesis, but it also marks a new hope as more and more people give their attention to improving the community as a whole, including Amazing, who is mentioned above as the current translator of Wild and Horned Hermit, and is one of the active Wiki Editor on the Vietnamese Touhou Wiki. The translation of official games, on the other hand, is on a hiatus as I, the current leader of the project, is working on my thesis, but they managed to translate the new game, Violet Detector, and is currently finishing the translation for Antinomy of Common Flowers. On the doujin side, Yuriniel, Tankihou, Tako (the leader of Touhou Kanjiru I mentioned above) and Nguyễn Đắc Quỳnh Anh from Anna Figure Shop have been creating homemade Touhou merchandises, and Tako is creating a doujinshi for sale in the future. I also heard about a plan of making a new artbook from Hoshino Aoi and teammates, but as of now, I have no information about the current status of it. The artbook back in 2015 by Touhou VN Fanbase was not a success due to some internal problems and quality, but I am not in the place to judge it. On the community side, I have created a Discord server for Vietnamese Touhou Community called Area: V.N.P.A.T.C.H.R. ~ The Last Bastion of a Fallen Utopia. While it is not a big server, it is very active, and is a good addition and a good connection to the community as well.

Ouch, it is longer than I thought, but yeah, much has changed. While the community is still plagued by some problems and conflicts, and it is not as prosper as back in the days, it is clearly living and changing, for a united Vietnamese Touhou Community.

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