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Comiket 81

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Comiket 81

Bài gửi by mr.equal on 15/4/2015, 5:53 am

~ Tổng hợp các sự kiện ~
Comiket 81 - Comic Market 81
[MONOMIND]agents happinessLossy
[DDBY]Cafe de Touhou 3Lossy
[Foxtail-Grass Studio]CattleyaLossy
[EastNewSound]Dione AggregationLossy
[Foreground Eclipse]Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here AloneLossy
[ジャージと愉快な仲間たち]Fiesta de la Luna ~月兎の望郷Lossy
[Floating cloud]Gensokyo JihenLossy
[Draw the Emotional]Ghost and your heartLossy
[ALiCE'S EMOTiON]Ghost RegionLossy
[Amateras Records]Helius AggregationLossy
[ARMのArmageddon Records]infinityLossy
[TAMAONSEN]Innocent DaysLossy
[AGENT 0]maddeningLossy
[Alluvial Comet]Magic Rock FieldLossy
[PHOENIX Project]Pre-Innocence IILossy
[DDBY]Relax PianoLossy
[Liz Triangle]ReunionLossy
[FELT]Silver DriveLossy
[Conasuguri]Thalia AggregationLossy
[foxfactory]Touhou Gensoukai -Waltz no Oto-Lossy
[幻想郷グリークラブ]東方男声合唱 ~少女が見た日本の秋の原風景~Lossy
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